Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dear Aglow Family,
It is that time again and we have another great speaker, Dr. C.L. "Bill" Stamp. Brother Bill has a way of interjecting light-hearted humor into a profoundly spiritual message. His messages are both entertaining and enlightening. I know he will be a blessing to all who come to hear him on, Thursday morning June 11, 2009 in the Hodges Room of the Botanical Gardens at 11:30am.
Although born and raised in Missouri, Bro. Bill Stamp has spent the greater part of his life in the South. He was stationed in Georgia while serving in the Air Force. After being discharged from the Air Force he completed his undergraduate and graduate work at Bob Jones University. He began pastoring Baptist churches for several years in the Carolinas, until he experienced the Baptism in the Holy Sprit. His ministry changed direction. For six years, he served as a police chaplain, associate pastor and vocational rehabilitation counselor in Kansas City, Missouri.
From 1973 until 1979, he served on the faculty of Liberty Bible College and was co-pastor of Liberty Church in Pensacola, Florida. In January of 1979 he was appointed Senior Pastor of Liberty Church in Birmingham, Alabama. While serving as senior pastor, Bro. Bill also served as the General Director of Liberty Fellowship of Churches and Ministers, Inc. from 1982 until 1991. In March of 1996 he retired from Liberty Church, after 17 years, to devote himself full-time to ministering to the members of Liberty Fellowship and to conduct Family Relations Seminars throughout the United States. In August of 1997 he received his Doctorate degree from Christian Life School of Theology. Bro. Bill served as the President of Liberty Fellowship from 1991 until 2000.
Bro. Bill Stamp presently resides in Birmingham, Alabama, with his wife, Barbara, of over 53 years. They are blessed with three children and seven grandchildren. He serves as the Pastoral Care Director of Liberty Fellowship of Churches and Ministers, Inc., and continues to travel throughout the United States to conduct Family Relation Seminars. He also has served as an Advisor for Aglow for several years.
Bro. Bill is always a delightful speaker. .I am sure you will be blessed. So please come out to hear his words of wisdom and bring a friend. Remeber we will be meeting on Thursday June 11, 2009 in the Hodges Room (downstairs) of the Birmingham Botanical Gardens at 11:30 am.
See you there,
Alice Chekwa

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dear Aglow family and friend,
We are excited to hear what the Lord has to say through our May 14th speaker, Reba, Manfre.Reba is the founder of God’s Prevailing Truth Ministries and is a national speaker, teacher and minister, who flows in the prophetic anointing and power of God as she is moved by the Holy Spirit. She holds the office of a prophet and describes the vision of her ministry as "to take the truth where there is a lie, life where there is death, light where there is darkness, liberty where there is bondage, and knowledge to people who are perishing for a lack of knowledge."
Reba has walked in the miraculous and supernatural dimensions of God since she was raised up out of a coma, which came about from a spirit of suicide that entered her at the political murder of her father. She now carries an anointing for emotional healing and deliverance, which flows through her with accuracy and power from the Holy Spirit.
People who attend Reba’s meetings experience manifestations of the power and glory of God. God has told her that people who sit under the voice of her ministry are being prepared as generals in God’s army. Her messages frequently include personal experiences that are often humorous but real.
One of Reba’s assignments from God is to help people to be available for God’s plans and purposes, only so they will reap the benefit of His plan for their life- not the enemy’s, not the world’s not their own. "Words are seeds," she says. "You reap what you sow with your mouth." She brings to her meetings a word of the Lord straight from heaven and her words are like bullets hitting the mark, bringing the truth to deliver and set captives free.
Reba carries within her the anointing to heal the broken hearted and set captives free. She is an ordained and licensed minister and has ministered both locally and nationally. Make your plans to come hear her and be ministered to by her on May 14, 2009 in the East room (upstairs) of the Birmingham Botanical Gardens at 11:30 am. I look forward to seeing you there. Have a good day!

Yours in Christ,
Alice Chekwa and your Birmingham Day Aglow Board.